Take a Chance to WIN £25k  What would you do with an amount like this?   Holidays, New Car the possibilities are endless!!

By purchasing an Our Breckland Lottery Ticket, supporting Daisy Programme, then it could really become a reality for you!

  • £6.00 pays for a volunteer’s mileage to meet up with a Client for one hour who desperately needs our support and someone to talk to
  • £15.00 allows Daisy Programme to have a Hub based in Watton for one day
  • £20.00 pays for an hour of counselling for a Client

“When I contacted you, I was probably at my lowest ebb and after years of abuse felt there was no way forward and I was worthless.”

“The Freedom Programme along with the counselling I have received has allowed me to work through things, understand more and believe I do have a future, one day at a time.”


Need Help with Breckland Lottery support@ourbrecklandlottery.co.uk  or contact us here at help@daisyprogramme.org.uk, where one of volunteers can help you get a ticket

01362 470707   9am – 5.30pm Mon – Fri (ex Bank Holidays)

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