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Freedom Programme – making a difference

We have started our first Freedom Programme in Watton and it is proving to be very useful for the ladies who have recognised that they need some support after having left an abusive relationship.

Its hugely daunting and overwhelming to face your demons and come along to the first session however all the ladies soon settled with trust and respect for each and every single person’s individual story building week on week.  This is what group work is all about, building connections, feeling valued.

There is no one person’s story that is worse than another person story.  All are individuals and are treated as such, there is no competition to be had.  Some ladies have said that they dont feel their abuse ‘was bad enough’, rest assured that it was.  Every day we hear stories of how self esteem, confidence are slowly eroded by cunning perpetrators time after time.

If you are interested in joining the programme, make that first step and contact us…it may just change your life.



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